I'm Cheri, a precocious four-year old... going on fifty-something... and this is my own little corner of the big wide world.  My world is a special place... some even say that it's a magic place.   I welcome you to my play-house... so come on in and stay awhile and I'll have the Mad Hatter come over for a spot of tea.

My little corner is located on a bigger corner called THE FARM at Nostalgiaville where I live with my husband Paul...

...six cats, three dogs, a bunch of koi, a few dozen goldfish, an assortment of turtles, a few sneaky snakes, rabbits, deer, wild turkey... and flowers... acres of them.  Flowers, flowers everywhere and not a drop to... but that's another poem.

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I like to paint and my paintings are displayed in many areas around THE FARM.

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I travel far and wide... and wide and far in my quest for the unusual.  I have traveled across this great country and have seen many wonders... but alas, traveling only a few feet can unleash a torrent of images of the small and wonderful, so...I collect... well... things. 

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Flower seeds for one so that we can plant even more flowers next spring than we had this year or last, bird nests, bugs, sea shells, mushrooms...  just about anything that nature creates is of interest to me and I have this insatiable urge to collect it.

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So... this is what "Cheri's Corner" is all about.  Sure, it's about me... but it's about you too.  Go ahead, allow yourself to shave a few years... start thinking like a four year old and feel your creativity stir again.  I hope that Cheri's Corner will help in this process.


Are you ready... ready to take a walk with me?  We'll stroll over to Cheri's Corner.  Here... take my hand...  we'll pick a path, and together enter the other world, a parallel universe of intrigue, one of the small, sometimes bizarre... always interesting and certainly worth the walk. 

Warning... you may be crossing a threshold from which there is no return.  Once you start thinking and acting like a four year old with no adult supervision, returning to the mundane ho-hum existence you are used to may not be possible.


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