Humorous images collected from all over the U.S.A.

There are so many signs that grab our attention that our minds can't focus on and absorb all the messages that are bombarding us continuously. The creative ones among the throngs of "sign-makers" figured out the attention problem long ago, and have crafted signs that are "attention-getters." They found that by using catchy phrases or word combinations in naming their businesses or products, they were more likely to grab our attention for that important second to ensnare us and entice us to visit and spend some of our money. Send us your pictures if you have any!

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Over the Hills Gang
Nashville, Tennessee

Gotcha Covered Lighting Store
Sedona, Arizona

Just Like Mom's Cleaning Service
Louisville, Kentucky

Mo Money

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Lynn Haven, Florida

Float-O-Graphs Whitewater
Jackson Hole, Wyoming

House Drafty?
Panama City, Florida

Able Body Labor
Panama City, Florida

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Get Reel
Russellville, Kentucky

Jack-Wrap-It Packing & Shipping
Taos, New Mexico

Down & Outdoors
Santa Fe, New Mexico

Key Hole Locksmith
Amarillo, Texas

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The Tax Lady
Show Low, Arizona

Almost New Appliances
Tucson, Arizona

Lighthouse Flooring
Sedona, Arizona

Rock & Road Bikes
Phoenix, Arizona

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J & J's Dollar Stretcher
Globe, Arizona

Chicken Pike
Smyrna, Tennessee

Ware House of Music
Jacksonville, Florida

Dalton Serenity Club
Dalton, Georgia

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Strings & Things Music
Cartersville, Georgia

A-1 Guttering
Dalton, Georgia

The Barn Yard
Chickamauga, Georgia

Whole 9 Yards
Dalton, Georgia

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Pug's Rugs & Carpets
Cartersville, Georgia

Sleep in the Other Room Warehouse
Nashville, Tennessee

A-Way Travel Agency
Decatur, Alabama


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Laurel Hill Squirrel Camp
Off Natchez Trace Parkway

Maid For U Cleaning Service
Dallas, Georgia

Little Bear Self Storage

Fannies on the Beach
Tybee Island, Georgia

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Free U Bail Bonds
Sevierville, Tennessee

Drum Runners
Sevierville, Tennessee

Signs & Such
Sevierville, Tennessee

Vital Signs Weapons Sales
Nashville, Tennessee

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E.T. Satellite 
Nashville, Tennessee

Mayo's Clinic
Chattanooga, Tennessee

Tan without Sand
Nashville, Tennessee

Bear Essentials
Fountain, Michigan

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Sawdust Heaven
Trenton, Georgia

Love That Store Catalog Showcase
Trenton, Georgia

Howling Wolf Tattooing Studio
Rossville, Georgia

Bug Out Service
Jacksonville, Florida

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Golf Music
Rossville, Georgia

Your Extra Attic Mini-Warehouse
Bremen, Georgia

The Juke Box
Tallapoosa, Georgia

Just Endtime Revival Center
Carrollton, Georgia

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Ditto's Copy Center
Carrollton, Georgia

Heavy Metal Gym & Fitness Center
Carrollton, Georgia

Sit 'N Sleep
Carrollton, Georgia

Two Men and a Truck Movers
Fountain, Michigan

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Alphabiotic Center Holistic Wellness
LudIngton, Michigan

Parker Floo Covering
Oak Ridge, Tennessee

Play it Again Sports
Huntsville, Alabama

Wood You Furniture
Huntsville, Alabama

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AIM Electrical & Plumbing
South Carolina

Frogge's Heating & Air
Nashville, Tennessee

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Nuts Landing
Blairsville, Georgia

Hawg Wild Cycle Supply
Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia

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Lazy Man's Lawn Care
Murfreesboro, TN