Humorous images collected from all over the U.S.A.

There are so many signs that grab our attention that our minds can't focus on and absorb all the messages that are bombarding us continuously. The creative ones among the throngs of "sign-makers" figured out the attention problem long ago, and have crafted signs that are "attention-getters." They found that by using catchy phrases or word combinations in naming their businesses or products, they were more likely to grab our attention for that important second to ensnare us and entice us to visit and spend some of our money.


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Old Volks Home
Oklahoma City, OK

Daddy-O's Auto Sales
Lebanon, Tennessee

Ma & Pa's Auto Repair
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Dent Dudes Auto Repair
Amarillo, Texas

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Big Pa's Auto Repair
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Murfreesboro, Tennessee

Dr Lube
South Haven, Michigan

Busy Brothers Maintenance

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Splash Dash Car Wash
Cincinnati, Ohio

Save A Ton Gas
Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia

The Lube Dudes
Calhoun, Georgia

Street Treat Auto Customs
Nashville, Tennessee

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Statham Tire & Muffler
Rockmart, Georgia

El Cheapo Gas
Sylvania, Georgia

U First Auto Sales
Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

Gorilla's Muffler Center
Nashville, Tennessee

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Billow's Body Boutique Auto Body Repair
Ludington, Michigan

Happy Motors Car Sales
Rossville, Georgia

A-Mart Gas
New Salem, Georgia

West Georgia Muffler
Carrollton, Georgia

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Sav-A-Ton Gas
Dallas, Georgia

Shining Times
Globe Arizona

Traffic Jams Car Stereos
Huntsville, Alabama

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Grease Monkey
Carrollton, Georgia

Wolfman's Muffler Center
Newman, Georgia

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Buggs Used Cars
Cookeville, Tennessee